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It was a pleasure working with Daniel at CDB Architects. Not only was he knowledgeable about almost every situation we had to deal with, he spent time explaining in detail why he would or would not do specific things. Ultimately the choice was ours, but he provided unbiased information that would assist us when we had to make decisions on the project. Really great company to work with - would highly recommend!

Jorg G.
Fullerton CA

Daniel was incredibly passionate about our project, as much as we were! I loved that he helped me with the city process that was a black hole for me. He held my hand through it tenaciously and made sure our plans got approved!

Pasadena CA

Daniel at CDB Architects was a pleasure to work with. We needed an architect for a residential room addition and kitchen remodel project. Daniel listened to our ideas and helped us put them into the plans so that we could make them a reality. His knowledge and expertise helped guide us through the development and planning process as well as through the city approval process. He was responsive, accessible and easy to work with. It truly was a collaboration. He continued to be supportive throughout our process, even after plan approval. The process was smooth and we couldn't be happier. I whole-heartedly recommend CDB Architects.

Yorba Linda CA

Responsive, helpful, easy to get along with, no high pressure ¦ They sent letter of recommendation from another customer and gave me a good book reference for my project. I am still working with CDB, but have only had good experiences so far.

Brea CA

Extremely responsive, easy to work with, and highly qualified!

Fullerton CA

I have worked with over a dozen architects over the last twenty years; and simply put, hiring Daniel Stewart has allowed my two current projects to be the easiest to manage thus far. I was doing a new project type and I needed an architect that could help me through the process of building a type project I had never built before. Landing Daniel Stewart was nothing short of hitting a home run. At every step of my project, Daniel was there. I have never met an architect that has, and was willing to accommodate as much of their time and energy as Daniel has. Whether I was on my job site, at the building department, dealing with state licensing agencies, or late night in my home office, Daniel was just a simple phone call away. Unexpected surprises, that are typical of any project site, allowed me to see Daniel for who he really was - a trusted and dedicated member of my team. Daniel Stewart’s integrity, skill set, and commitment to his clients set him apart from every architect I have dealt with not only is he my architect, he’s grown to be a trusted team member and friend. I have no doubt, you’ll consider him the same. Please feel free to call me directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX, at anytime to discuss further. (Feel free to ask if you'd like to speak with this reference.)

Costa Mesa CA

Daniel Stewart of CDB Architects was called from an internet listing to assist one of my claimants. He was tasked with pursuing a Conditional Use Permit with a local Orange County City for this trucking and roll off service. Daniel was very professional in researching the case, preparing documents, communicating his progress, and in providing a report of his findings and the probability of successfully obtaining a permit. I would use his services again without reservations.


Huntington Beach CA

I worked with Daniel Stewart in January of 2010. Daniel came to my residence after I had informed him of my permit issue with the City of Pasadena. He came out on a Saturday, which was very convenient. He did a very thorough assessment of my property and my permit issue. He was very helpful and is very experienced with these types of issues and working with various cities in Southern California. When all was said and done, he was able to review my documents and help me resolve my issue before we even entered into a contract. He spent a lot of time helping me. I would highly recommend his services.

Pasadena CA

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