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We want to build but honestly we don't know where to start?

The architect will help you get started, stay rolling and help you get your building permit approved. After, we'll help you find that perfect contractor to build it.

I am afraid to start something because no one wants to provide a cost for it all?

It is not uncommon that a contractor does not want to give you a hard number for the cost of the construction of a home. The reality is that until the plans are drawn up and approved and bid out to all specialty subcontractors they won't know the cost.  

I have contractors and architects approaching me for the same thing, to improve my home or build an ADU? Which one should I use and why?

Architects and engineers design projects. Contractors build projects. If the contractor is going to design it and build it then they are engaging with the architect and engineer providing both design and the build.

This all sounds complicated, is it?

It is somewhat complicated because it's unlike replacing a roof where all the work is done by a roofer. Rather each designer and builder specializes in what they do. It takes more than one specialty sub-contractor to build a home. Similarly, it takes more than one specialty design or engineer to create drawings for that home. It takes an architect to help the design team put together drawings just like it takes a contractor to lead the team of builders, someone need to be responsible for the overall design. To help make something complicated into something less complicated, break it up in to smaller parts and tackle the smaller parts first. Next thing you know, it's all done.